Lately I keep m…

Lately I keep meaning to post on here, but it’s been sunny and when it’s sunny I don’t have much call to go near computers.

Cool things I’ve done in the interim are: colouring in my jumper with fabric pens, have some lovely neon and metallic going on, but not too much; turning my jeans into shorts, did this after two sunny days and am now regretting it a bit but not long to go; spray painting some trainers gold and sticking quite a lot of sequins on them.

My alligator came to a crinkly end after some of it did and some of it didn’t shrink in the wash.  I’m planning to replace it with an octopus.

The main things I’ve learned from the six items challenge are as follows:
1) I will never like accessorising.
2) fun clothes are more fun to wear than boring clothes.
3) it’s nice to just wear your favourite stuff all the time. 
4) sewing is really easy.
5) spray paint sticks better to shoes if they’re clean.

Ladies and gentlemen, points 3 and 4 are life lessons that have the power to change the way we buy clothes.  If we all just get ones we really love, wear them all the time and mend them when they break or adapt them if we get bored of them… well, if we all do that, then we’ll destroy fast fashion.  And we’ll be happier because we’ll be in our favourite clothes.

 That said, I do have more than six favourite clothes, roll on Sunday…


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