April fool!

Very busy so only have time to post some photos really. On saturday I became “AN ACTIVIST” apparently by sending socks to North Korea. I think I may have sent one of mine as well because i’m one down. At the border to North Korea I got all the ‘activists’ to sign my ‘bracelet’ made from the thing that goes round a coffee cup. Sorry, the name of this escapes me presently so that was saturday’s accessory. Sunday’s was a dress dummy that i found in the street and had to lug around for a day and a half which attracted a lot of “good body” compliments and got me and my friend Lisa a free dinner at the bus terminal. Thanks Mr Bus driver. The dress dummy is now called Mrs Choi and will accompany me on my 10k run next week. Today I hastily made a hangul bracelet with my Principlals help. The principal said he liked my ring because he likes batman. I didnt want to correct him and say “actually It’s Darth Vader.”


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