I don’t wear accessories

So, we’re almost there, but not quite yet… I wear hardly any accessories (except of purses) must generally, and for that reason I went through over five weeks of 7 looks, which turned out to be wearing 2 looks for a week, getting bored, wearing another two looks for another week, and so forth. For me, clothing-wise, that has been the easiest month and a half in my adult life. However, my mum, for the past two weeks, have been asking me at least twice a day about when this whole challenge ends. Nightmare. Also, I went to some gigs, and my friends concluded my little black dress, pearls and vintage purse inappropriate. As if there was a dress code!

Well, there always is. Just watch any fashion styling show to learn that there is a dress code! What you’re wearing to work, has to be, at least slightly, changed to go out for drinks. You should have a separate set of clothing for a weekend, and if it’s a big night out, the best thing to do is to buy completely new outfit. Obviously, that can be done thanks to dead cheap (literally) high street fashion. Oh dear, that sounds like hard work!

Ok, truth to be said, I can happily change my outfits two times a day. I fact, I have a proven track of changing outfits three times a day, but that has nothing to do with trying to wear as many current trends as possible, or having to change for different situations. in fact, I’m almost sure that the most of my clothes have never really been in fashion… I stopped doing it when I moved to London, where I tend to spend much less time on choosing my outfits. However, I still spend ages going through hundreds of my clothing, trying to find an item I want to wear. By wearing less I’ve gained roughly 30 min a day! That’s not bad.

Now I’m going to count how many items of clothing I own. I’m curious!


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