Will I be clowning around? That’s up to you!

Well it’s nearly the final week of the Six Items challenge. It’s going to be very odd having a range of clothes to choose from on Easter Sunday! But I’m not thinking about that yet. There is still 1 week to be organised in washing clothes; be careful in not spilling things & to be embarrassed wearing accessories of your choice to raise money for Labour Behind the Label!

I want to end the challenge with a bang, so I may have saved the best for last. Ali’s Gran will sponsor me if I paint my face like a clown! But YOU have to help if want to see it a reality. If you all pitch in, and get my fundraising target above £450, I promise I will paint my face and go to work looking like a clown. I haven’t yet decided which type of clown. Yes, I have researched, there are ‘types’ – I kid you not!

But frankly, all clowns have significant amounts of face paint and look either amusing, scary or both, depending on your point of view. So whichever I choose, it will be guaranteed to cause laughter &  blackmail-worthy photos at my expense, as well as confusion during work meetings 🙂 So how about it? Why not put some money towards an absolutely fantastic cause (Labour Behind the Label) and at the same time, have a giggle at my expense?!

The more we raise, the more outrageous I will be willing to go. I may even don a wig and bow tie if we get close to £500… 😉

You can donate here


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