Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday: Got Pusan shoes re- heeled by a tradesman that suddenly appeared at school. See pics.Made denim collar accessory from old denim shirt and denim hair band from shirt too. This was my typical Korean look but without green Parker as don’t have one.

Wednesday: wore black cords and black top with denim bow and collar accessory and white converse. Changed into Pusan slippers at work to reveal odd cartoony socks. Flys are not working on trousers again. work on dog hair accessory and some more sculpting of milk Tiara. Found some cool patches. Thought they may be handy. Found another place to get a nicer heel put on Pusan shoes as not satisfied with current ones. Got a badge made with my name in Korean. Will pick up tonight. had dinner in Kimbap place downtown and the waitress was very amused by my Buddist Shaman key ring so we did a shaman dance and an old man left the restaurant. Apparently a lot of Korean people don’t like the sound of the bells and this particular gadget is used for exorcising and calling ghosts. Got a couple of cupcakes for later in evening and had a nice chat with the owner of cupcakes and coffee and she gave me an extra cake to try. Yummy. got home and started making dog hair hat. Finished. will get dyed tomorrow at dog grooming shop. Milk tiara is coming along. good good. Green hat is freezing. not sure how ill stay on my head but will work out logistics tonight.

Thursday: Came to work as Korea (career) Woman and got a lot of laughs from the other teachers. Hope they dont think i’m wearing a superhero cape as fashion statement. Is a little joke for myself but students feel like they need to say I look beautiful. hmmmm, not sure if they know I’m having a bit of fun or not. watched a Wonder Woman clip with them and they gave themselves super hero names. One was Lady Bug and she had a lady bug dance. Was very embarrassing this morning when I did the Wonder Woman spin and transformed from a teacher into a super hero. Wish I hadn’t done that as undoing my shirt etc was a bit like doing a strip tease. And fly was undone again.

Oh what else……

photoshoot of milk tiara and green hat tonight for Lisa’s article. Hope everything works out.


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