Hair of the dog.

Lisa, my friend is currently working on an article for the expat magazine “Groove.” She’s designing cocktails using the alcohol I most fear, “The dreaded Soju.” So, I dont want to ruin her piece by giving too much info but this weekend I was working on accessories for her pictures. So for these I needed to get some dog hair, a chisel and an ice pick, a jelly mould of some kind or something that would act like a jelly mould, some milk, an Ajuma visor.

Anyway i’ll tell you how it went…

So on Friday night I went for a curry cooked by Lisa. Lisa asked me to make accessories. Had very many ideas all at once. Had to go home to start thinking and working on them which involved my favourite pastime of lying on electric blanket and leafing through Korean fashion magazines. I particularly like Cracker my Wardrobe for inspiration. Had agreed to go snowboarding the following day and thought i should make the most of the new snow. So went to terminal, but friend didn’t come so went with Austin and we discussed about (that’s starting to sound right now. We don’t say “discussed about”, do we? I don’t know anymore!!) teaching English at high school in Korea the whole way. Forgot to take goggles and went right up to the top of mountain on Gondola but was blowing gale at the top. Because of absence of goggles I could not see a thing and the wind was so strong it kept making me come to a standstill. Also my face was very cold. Wanted to go home then to work on accessories but felt like was wasted trip to leave so soon so bought some “Hello Kitty” goggles and a helmet (very spontaneous purchase) and went to the snowboard park to try some jumps. landed one jump and then got bus…but trip was waste of time and money because all I wanted to do was my accessories project really so should have not bothered because wasted money on helmet which I probably won’t use until next year, If I even stay in Korea. Maybe I’ll get a scooter so I can use helmet. Would it be very silly to wear on my road bike? Oh I don’t care…will do that and then not a waste and don’t need to buy scooter as not made of money. Will wear hello kitty goggles too. So then decided to pick up bike from bike shop as needed to take to another bike shop to get fixed. (Long story) so pushed down street with buckled tyre and wondered how I was going to get a bike and snowboard home. Then just popped into the interesting looking shop with all the lanterns in the window. Happily realised that was Buddhist shop and sold all kinds of brilliant stuff for accessories such as paper shoes and Monk bags. I tried to explain the challenge I was doing and then I overheard them saying “Project rRnway.” Bought many things on a whim and not sure how I will use the bells yet or chanting monk CD. Maybe I will actually try meditation rather than imagining myself doing it. I just think the reality will be duller than the fantasy. I mean you don’t do anything. Don’t have CD player anyway. So after trying on all kinds of hats I decided that It was time to get on home and actually make something instead of spending all my money but still had the problem of getting home. In the end the lad in the shop took me home in his van. Very nice of him. Like that shop. Got home and then needed to start on milk Tiara and get hold of some dog hair so hit the dog grooming shop street which is near my house and with the help of some of my students who were going home from their various academies was able to procure some Korean dog hair. This took some explaining, I can tell you! so that mission was achieved, on with the milk tiara one. Off to Homeplus for a jelly mould. Problem: No jelly moulds. Bought some deep plastic bowls instead, downstairs for the milk. Just get some food for tea while there. will have bacon sandwich tonight. oh can’t be bothered to cook for myself. Go upstairs to restaurant. Dont fancy korean, Have chinese for change. Felt like strange person sat on my own and bumped into teacher from old school as luck would have it when not surrounded by adoring friends. Think he pitied me. had a look around little stores where restaurants are and bought 2 pairs of earings and three rings and got a free sparkly tiara hairslide. Very nice of girl who said she loved me^^. Then bought red handbag. Started to feel like I was getting a bit out of control but couldn’t stop myself buying a cute little neck scarf as well. Almost fled home because didn’t intend on buying any of those things. had just gone out to get milk and jelly mould. I like my Darth Vader and fake diamond ring but not sure about the tiara hairslide. But quite useful as can use design as template for milk tiara. Then just popped to skin food on way out so could buy something in order to get free samples.

On way home took cords with bungled zip to menders. Asked my student who was there about second-hand sewing machines and her father made a couple of phone calls. She said I could get a straight stitch for 20,000 and pick it up tomorrow. WICKED!! Also trousers are fixed and was “service”,free in Korean. Very kind of him. Her dad is quite stern and I am scared of him but I don’t think he’s angry or unkind. Just traditional Korean man. Still wouldn’t get cocky with him just in case! She said she would call me to come and get machine in the morning.

At home. Cod blimey. Have I been burgled? What a stinking mess! Have to tidy to clear head for making of tiara.

Tidied a bit but shall leave washing- up to soak for a week. Is best. Then set about washing the dog hair. Very stinky like dog. Washed with my Body Shop shampoo so now smells like The Rainforest. Left to dry on heated floor and poured milk into different bowl combinations to see what would happen. Put in freezer. There: Work is done.

Sunday: 7:00am

Need to buy a chisel to sculpt tiara. Better look up chisel in Korean. Doesnt seem to be word. 9.30am: Sewing machine is ready to collect. Run to shop. sewing machine is lovely colour and made in Korea. Student’s dad said better than Chinese made machines. Not sure if that’s true but It is very solid and the old ones are much better I think. I like heavy metal. It also has a butterfly on it and it can be affixed to the top of its case and used on the floor. That’s clever! So forgot my wallet and had to run back to house, ran back and then found out luckily just as I was signing that machine was not 20,000 as student said but 200,000. eek! Still a good deal but not such a good deal. Too late to back out now. Will have to stay in Korea another year I think because of helmet, goggles and sewing machine. Quite fancy moving to Seoul anyway. May start a label or something. WATCH THIS SPACE. Took sewing machine back to the ranch and then went out for the chisel. Got chisel, drill bit as smaller chisel and a hammer and then saw a cool army belt and got that too for good measure. Was tempeted to get a manicure at Homeplus but then remembered that I had to pick up my bike from shop. Went to bike shop and got shown how to ride bike without damaging it and stared at for longer than was comfortable by an elderly lady. Then bike man put some cool neon yellow and black camo grips on handle bars and I grabbed the remnant to make a cuff. Very hungry. Went to local for Bibimbap. Decided to ride bike to Emart and have nice ride along the river, as needed eco washing powder then thought I could go to the tip as next to Emart. Went to tip and found some cool stuff but then found a dog in a cage. Let dog out for a bit as was very friendly and Cute puppy. Dog wanted cuddles so I sat down and it sat on my lap like a baby. Noticed puppy had a broken paw and didn’t like the little cage he was in. Felt very upset and wanted to take him home but could not as would be stealing. Will visit him tonight to check he’s ok. He has a smiley face even though he is a prisoner. Rode home and still felt sad. Concentrated on my accessories but very worn out. took my iced milk out of bowls but smashed one bowl by accident and put the ice cylinder crown shapes back in freezer. Quickly rushed a dog hair accessory and used my new sewing machine and then had 2 bacon sandwiches and some milk. Tried not to think of puppy but when I closed my eyes I saw his face so watched some episodes of New Girl which made me want to put my hair in rollers like Zooey Deschanel does. Felt annoyance that I never have enough clips to hold rollers in place and you cant buy them any where. Must stop using as hair grips and losing all over the place. New girl episodes not very funny so tried to sleep wearing rollers. Woke up at 4 freezing cold and was pleased that curlers were still intact. Tonight will sculpt tiara as soon as I go home after writng this.

Sorry cant get the phots from video camera to go onto computer and Min  is on a conference so no one to help me, Sorry article if can call it that is very rushed as have to be quick with blogging about activity because have a lot of activity to do.


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