Yesterday was probably one of the toughest challenge days yet. The weather, and the time of year, gave me no choice. I had to get out and dig the garden, otherwise my vege patch would suffer this summer!! But how to garden in my lovely 6 items?

Gardening Protection!

Gardening Protection!

There was only 1 thing for it. Protection. Armed initially with wellies stuffed with plastic bags; an apron, and something to kneel on, I tried in vain to keep myself clean. But let’s face it, you can’t be a good gardener and keep your clothes pristine. In half an hour I was covered in mud! With a sigh, I gave in to the dirt and prayed I’d have enough time for all my clothes to wash & dry by Monday…..

As I was digging away, I got to thinking. How many garments would a garment worker have in their wardrobe? Would they find it hard like me or not? I’d love to know what they think of the challenge as a concept!

I pondered on this further, getting slightly irritated at the state of my jeans, when a thought hit me which made me stop and realise how grateful I should be. The reason this challenge is difficult is because I have so much Time. Time for hobbies which require changes of clothes – be it sports; DIY; gardening or cooking. Time for socialising & going out with friends and family, for which I want to dress up. Time to slump on the sofa for a movie in my ‘comfort clothes’.

One of the challenges many garment workers face is a lack of Time. Long hours and daily overtime are a norm within their industry. How lucky we are that we have so many opportunities to wear different types of clothes, and so much Time in which to do it.

If you’re grateful for the Time you have, please consider donating to my challenge, and support the work of Labour Behind the Label standing up for garment workers who are not as fortunate as we are…..


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