Wrong decisions

I have to say after the first 3 weeks I think I chose the wrong items for the challenge, I wish I had gone with a different second cardi and would have changed one of the dresses for a different one. I have got quite bored of my items now, it’s more difficult than I thought trying to make the same 4 dresses look different. However as the ever optimist I have got many positives to point out;

1. Much quicker to get ready in the mornings
2. No thought involved in what to put on. Thought process = can’t wear multi coloured dress as wore yesterday, green dress in wash, purple dress is for Friday, so lace dress it is!
3. I am learning that I don’t need all the clothes I have, I would need a few more as finding weekends increasingly difficult when comfiness is all that’s wanted (most weekends I have just worn my pyjamas!)
4. Moving house is much easier when your clothes are the first thing you can pack up!
5. Living in two places is much easier as your wardrobe fits in your work bag!
6. Appreciation of the accessories I have that I had forgotten about.
7. I am making people aware of things they may never have thought about otherwise
8. I am thinking more about where my clothes come from, who is making them and how those people live

One thing I am definitely sure of is that this challenge has made me think about the qualities I require in a dress, I will definitely be considering many more factors when going to buy a new dress (not that I will be any time soon as I have far too many as it is)!


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