Everything’s throw away.

I have a new Theme Song. It’s a song that helps me when I get down and get down ( I like doing a little dance to it while doing the washing up) It’s kind of a mantra song that i use when i’m doing things i dont like doing. It reminds me to enjoy my life, even the dull and annoying parts. Yesterday was an annoying day but at least it wasn’t dull. Apart from the weather. Anyway here is song I was talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P2w_hq8YTk

This is my shredded paper Ajuma Visor. (below) Tuesday.

So sorry, would like to say more but have no time at all right now.

Oh apparently it’s the trend to not fix things in Korea and just buy something new. I appear poor when i fix things myself and poor is not good. It’s a miserable thing, this social status anxiety. Kind of like a cancer. Takes a lot of fighting and wears you out.

On that sad note I’m off to eat something tasty I hope.


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