“no whining” Jeannette gives up booze and falls in love….with Korea.

As well as giving up fashion I have also given up booze for the 6 weeks of lent. In memory of the late and great singer, who was one of my favourites I put together this outfit as a tribute. Can you guess who I’m meant to be?

At the weekend I came across  these traditional Korean shoes called Pu san 버 선 (YESSSSS! Min says I wrote thats right)  Min is very busy today with school related activities but still took a picture of me because he is afraid of me and too polite to say no. This is Min(see phot0), who sits next to me and tries to speak English to me everyday. He is very kind. He likes Preppy fashion and has a nice pair of Lacoste socks on. He says he likes the quality and the after- service is good.  But he really is very busy and I need to stop bothering him. Like having someone to chat to though, as last year the lovely lady who sat next to me couldn’t speak a lot of English so we just used to communicate in sign language and make noises. I’ll do some work in a minute. Actually I have a ton to do but have to pace myself. Was very tired because of the A.D.D last week and now I have a cold from over productiveness. This week I am trying to focus more on the important elements of the challenge and think more about the reasons why I’m doing it. it’s hard though because of the A.D.D. You must understand that to write this article alone I have needed 5 cups of Maxim coffee from the machine for concentration purposes.and coffee machine is neat the laminator which is bound to be a distraction.  NO!!!!! they are taking the shredded paper bag somewhere. I need that……gotta follow that shredded paper so I can find it later ( have a little plan up my sleeve.)HAHAHAHAHA will get a maxim on the way back and then go and tidy my hair in the toilets. Should brush my teeth too I suppose.

Am back: Shredded paper has been taken to shed. Will steal later under guise of helping the kids do the recycling.

Today I am wearing the black dress with checked shirt over or as it is sometimes refered to as, the “over- shirt”. Clever. Regardless, shirt is tribute to Amy. In my hair I have a ribbon that came with something from the Korean/French style bakery chain, “Tous les Jours.” I am always a bit confused  when they wrap up my cakes and sandwiches in vast quanties of paper, film, ribbones etc because it looks pretty and special but is actually “pretty” wasteful and pointless is it not?I mean it’s ok if it’s a special gift but a sandwich??? so have a hard time controlling my face( I dont play poker) and end up looking like i’m  twitching. So I’ll offset the damage I guess, by keeping the packaging and re-using it . I can use the paper and bags for notebook covers or something or make a stronger bag from the lovely mint and cream stripey plastic bag. Seems such a waste to use it as kitchen bin liner. I’ll show you the packaging later if I remember.. Also Paris Baguette’s Breton stripe stuff which makes me feel lovely although they dont have that packaging in Gangneung P&B because our branch is rubbish and also really dark. The one up at the ski resort is much nicer and has better sandwiches.Speaking of coffee shops, went to Angel-in-us on Sunday on the way back from picking up my free bike(Thanks Elizabeth) to get a Italian (still stings a bit, but that’s another story) sandwich and orange tea and needed to ask where I could find a bike shop because the free bike had a busted back tyre. Polished off sandwch and had a nice time looking at the pictures (because can’t read) of Graphy and Maps magazine and wishing I could look girly in Dr martins like Korean girls do, when the girls who make the coffees came over and said they had found bike shop on internet. So they took me into the back office and got very stressed out and giggly trying to give me directions while I pretended to listen but really just had a nosy at their back office. So I thanked them and headed off past Dunkin Donuts ( everything is past Dunkin Donuts) and in a direction where I thought there might be a bike shop.. Was quite good resistance training, pushing bike with very buckled tyre and was good justification for wearing my active wear. Not possible to do that in dress or black cords so not cheating. anyway started to think directions bike shop was not this way when I heard the patter of footsteps behind me. I turned and was surprised to see the girl from the coffee shop all out of breath from frantically chasing me. She said….”so sorry,wrong way” and told me alternative directions. How nice was that? I listened this time as was starting to rain.

On my feet I’ve got the Pusan shoes but the soles came off so I’ve been quizzing my students about where I can get a heel put on them. I’d really like to put a red wedde heel on them but think it will require micro adventure and have to get smart phone and pick up bike tonight. It’s not just Min who is “very Busy” you know. ooooh students are wanting to borrow books gotta go.am back. HAHA student just said in perfect English “are you still participating in the fashion challenge” and then told her friends all about it. Just showed them picture of Amy Winehouse but they don’t know her. They should I think but whole story may be a little controversial and they are quite innocent. Will ask if ok or not to do lesson on the pitfalls of drugs and booze. Just went to get hot water from machine and bumped into my new co-teacher who is the nicest and prettiest lady ever. She said she didn’t sleep last night because her baby didn’t sleep. She still looks perfectly put together and you’d never know. I’m happy because she talks to me everyday and is becoming a pal. She said there is a shoemaker’s Down Town who could help me re-fashion my shoes. Then the Vice Principle walked by and saw shoes. He said to my co-teacher in Korean that my feet are very small and pretty which is very good. Co-teacher seemed embarrassed to say this back to me and I choked back the urge to say that i had been binding them every night to improve my character. Then she noticed shaved side of head and things got a bit edgy coz Vice Prince was there and not sure how the land lies with hair like this.  I’m torn between showing it and covering it up because this is a school after all and it probably would be a little taboo in an English school too. Don’t want to upset people but at the same time I feel it’s important to be able to express yourself and wear what you like. That’s part of being fearless, but don’t want students to become obsessed with fashion and style and veering away from their educational ambitions and telling teachers to go stuff themselves like British teenagers do but I suppose a little tweeks with the uniform wouldn’t hurt. I’m thinking gossip girl hairbands and snazzy tights; nothing too over the top. Perhaps a few badges with their names on…although not in Korean as can’t read. Would certainly help me in terms of telling them apart. Is nightmare with all the identical fringes and glasses. At least in China they didn’t all wear the same glasses. Also compared to British kids these guys are all very well behaved. Probably because they are not allowed to question stuff or be individuals. If I start allowing them to express themselves they will not do as I say and that will make my life tricky.Very important that they know why I’m doing this and inform them about issues, not just fashion. Also this is not a mere attention seeking exercise must remind myself. Yes it is flattering to be called a fashionister and have crowds of girls around me asking about my clothes. Makes me feel very popular and like Beatnik teacher but must not get carried away and lose focus. The VP is a nice man despite the foot fetish thing and is always smiling. He is pleased that I am happy he said. Before winter vacation I was suffering. Perhaps from culture shock. But am much better now and falling in love with Korea again. I think I’m feeling pretty lucky and should help those who can’t help themselves by using my current situation as an educator and raising awareness of the plight of exploited workers around the world. In a week I have managed to introduce this issue to my students who really had no idea about it. I could tell by their faces that it gave them food for thought and they are really interested and not just pretending.

PS: the A.D.D is making me want a \tattoo. Thinking about getting LBL 2012 or something similar. Will find tattoo place on way to bike shop tonight. Where can I get it? under watch strap maybe? WATCH this space “all two readers of Blog”

Also I am not taking the mickey out of ADD. I believe I may actually have it as was called Wonder Whippet as a child and was always very “Hyper Hyper”. Think coffee makes it manageable though.

PPS: I look like a cleaning lady today. BAHAHAHA.

Damn it. spelt tattoo wrong. EDI EDIT EDIT!! I always spell it wrong and it’s not even a difficult word like psycology or alchohol.


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