Bored in black…

So far I have not been bothered much by this challenge. It’s beenrefreshing not to have to choose my clothes every day and I’ve felt quite happy. The last few days have started to get to me though. As its getting a bit warmer I’m regretting the black as a bit more colour would be nice and I’ve not always wanted to wear a scarf etc. Plus, my love black sequin jumper, which is my ‘nice’ item is not standing up to the test of being worn more often and it’s getting bobbly and a bit scruffy looking! I’ve a feeling it won’t be getting worn that much when the challenge is done… Which seems a shame as part of the point of this thing is to think about how much we  live in a throwaway society. It’s making me desire new clothing too, not even just my other stuff!! Will definitely be thinking quality though with any new purchasing!!


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