Indiana Janine……

Indiana Janine

Indiana Janine

This week I was feeling quite adventurous. I’ve survived over half the challenge, made it through a wedding, and have found numerous combinations to keep my clothes interesting. So it felt somewhat appropriate that my donated accessory was Lindsay’s felt hat. I walked out of the house with an air of Indiana about me, although the hat was slightly too big, so had a bit of a wobble going on. I don’t think I could have run away from a speeding boulder without losing my hat (especially not in my high heeled boots!).

Intrepid Traveller

Intrepid Traveller

And although the bus journey to Bristol can be interesting at times, I’ve never had to perform any Indiana stunts to survive it. I did feel slightly overdressed as I walked into Bath Bus Station.

Having said that, I am scared of snakes whereas spiders I can deal with. Maybe I do have an inner Indiana just waiting to burst out after all 😉


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