Faulty zip is giving me jip.

grrrr the zip on these cords keeps coming undone. It’s not because I’m getting fat I might add but because cords were cheap and nasty. Next time I will pay more and they may last a bit longer. I bought them in October and they’ve almost had it. (Short and choppy) It’s a shame because I love them but it’s starting to get embarrassing.(  ) Just checked zipper again to work out why this is happening. (Missing subject pronoun or conjunction )Think zip needs to be replaced with ( missing article)better one. Possibly YKK( comma) which is Japanese company but not sure  beI should give YKK free advertisingcause not sure what their business practices are.(very repetitive and sounds rubbish) The zips are good quality though.   5:15pm Hmmmmmm….. it is now late afternoon or early evening, which ever you prefer and I just read this again (blogging is a bit a novelty for me and I like to obsess about all the mistakes ) and(repetitive)think it might be a good idea to give myself an English lesson rather than students. Especially on writing. Will do better next time.

Short choppy sentences and too many basic errors. Please see me.


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