Arla, Ceri and Chloe…thanks for the accessories…

I must apologise for my blogging silence. I have been here all along, enjoying the posts of the other Sixers, contemplating the challenge, thinking about the challenges others have faced and all the time only wearing 6 Items. Initially, I was frantically busy in my last weeks in my job and didn’t make enough time to blog. Since then I have moved home, become much less busy, but have very limited internet connection, until today! Rejoice the Talk Talk man.

Here is a snapshot of the past week – which has ranged from pyjama day to frog day.

This week I have been wearing accessories donated by my lovely friends who have sponsored me and therefore get to also ‘sponsor an accessory.’

On Sunday in was ‘Arla’s Day’ and I wore her wonderful black hat and her Grandmother’s scarf which she lent to me after she sponsored me. I love the scarf!

On Monday, I had nothing to wear – literally. All Six Items were in the wash. So I just had to wear pyjamas! It was very strange having a shower and ‘getting dressed’ into pyjamas! Luckily I don’t have to go to work…

This is a good opportunity to introduce my 6 Items: 1 black sleeveless dress, 1 navy t shirt dress, 1 grey long sleeved dress, 1 teal ‘posh’ dress, 1 purple long sleeved t shirty and 1 black cardigan. 

On Wednesday, it was ‘Ceri’s Day’ and I got to wear her scarf and necklace for the day. I have been relieved that (so far) the accessories people are lending me are really nice!

Today was ‘Chloe’s Day’ and rather than some accessories, Chloe picked the colour Green to be a theme. She found it suite amusing that I resembled a frog, due to my amazing tights, and requested my blog photo was taken with the other frogs by the pond. Who am I to argue? This was also a good opportunity to show off my new favourite scarf – a Birthday present form Chloe and my brother, so quite appropriate for Chloe day. Or frog day.


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