Scrap and black

Well feeling very smug today I must admit. An entire class borrowed books from the library today in an attempt to win stars for their class tally. Feel like Michelle Pfhiffer….Pheiffer….Pheifer grrrrrr……have to google spelling now…hang on….Pfeiffer….that doesn’t look right…oh who care… dangerous minds. This morning I made the leaders place their hands on the English dictionary like in a courtcase and swear to be a brave and fearless leader  and set a good example to their class.  Hope this isn’t going to get them bullied and result in them resenting me. Must be a great and popular teacher to avoid this. ………. just had a visit from”_______  maths” who asked me about the 6 Items challenge. He said I am a very good person. oops… hope he doesn’t go onto this blog…better delete the sexy bit. Any way i think i’m too old for him which means we can’t really be friends and the little chats could cause a bit of a scandal. Very difficult to navigate all these rules whilst wearing only six items and making an accessory everyday. Will give myself a star everyday from now on. Oh to hell with it. I’ll give myself 1 star for outfit, 1 for accessory and one for getting through the day without shouting at anyone. Today i’m wearing a laminated srcrap necklace that I made from the remnants of the stars I cut out on Monday night. Actually I should say “wore” because my shoddy workmanship under extreme pressure meant that it was broken by lunch time. Much like a pair of earings I guiltily bought from Forever 21 in Seoul a while ago. They were really nice but they are no more. 


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