Why learn Korean when you can laminate stuff.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a cranberry juice with sparkling water at a very nice Tapas restaurant in Seoul for my friend Leah’s 7th birthday. I was very surprised that the two could not be put in the same glass thus mixed as single drink but had to be purchased separately and quite expensively. Not wanting to waste the 6 dollars spent on Perrier I shoved the  bottle with the remaining water into my bag upon leaving the restaurant and later  was not particularly surprised (I’ve been living with myself for a long time) that the Perrier water was no longer in bottle but had escaped into handbag meaning camera would of course be broken. The reason I digress like this is to explain that the lack of any updates re: 6 Items challenge is not because I have thrown in the towel but because I have been trying to dry out camera on electric blanket. Unfortunately problem is not one that can be solved by electric blanket and will have to do an “all round the houses” visit to a  Service Centre where I will invariably do my usual routine of being serene, patient, charming and friendly and end up turning into super bitch when I cant get my own way and never being able to go back deeming the whole episode a stressful and shameful example of why I should be having intensive  Korean lessons instead of Photoshop and Illustrator.  Oh god! just thought…this means I’ll have to go up into my loft  to find the camera box containing camera guarantee. Also have sneaking suspicion that camera box is not for this camera but for previous one which Paul dropped at the ski slope and lost, so will not have correct guarantee in it anyway. BUM!BUM! BUM! Wonder where new camera box is. Will check in loft anyway as there could be some interesting stuff to make accessories with up there. Maybe is the right box(why would I have kept the old box but not new one? There would be no logic in that at all….. unless  for the spare cables to attach to TV ). Anyway wish I hadn’t tossed the box up there without a second thought as to where it would land, because don’t really want to crawl right to the back as is very dark and probably where spider nest is. Think I will just buy new camera. NO, NO, NO!!!! Very lazy and unsustainable behaviour.

I’m sad to report that out of necessity the following pictures are taken with my “Samsung Anycall” cell phone camera and are a bit unclear because phone  is not “Smart” phone which renders it useless in every way. They do, however serve as evidence of my ongoing efforts to keep up  with my challenge so please sponsor me and keep me motivated. No emotional blackmail intended of course.

Think this challenge is making my mind spin more than normal but is resulting in high levels of creative productivity in many areas of life and brain. Already this week I have changed all of my classroom displays, invented a “Fearless leader” reward scheme concept (very clever), made-over dressing table while looking for super glue,found superglue with top off in bed, planned an entire  syllabus for this school and another (in my head, not actually physically in form of document), created a library, forced a student to borrow a book, made and wore 3 more accessories, made a movie then lost memory stick with movie on, cleaned classroom, discovering several pairs of socks a couple of smart phones and a skipping rope, made a lost property box, lost my phone.Found phone in bathroom made the second grade like me by bribing them with stationary, became a better person by cleaning fridge and microwave, ate Korean food for dinner every night, (very delicious and inexpensive) turned off hot water before going to work (amazing), found keys in fridge(surprising) Found out I have A.A.A.D.D ……what else?…oh… the small matter of learning Korean (LOL) Why  learn Korean when you can laminate  stuff ?

Oh jeez weez after all this trying to blog in an entertaining way I can’t get my pictures to upload because phone is not smart. So blog is waste of time and looks like I am cheating on challenge. will ask a Korean teacher for help but I think he is working on school related activities right now. Will give him a gift in a minute as bribe then leve it 10 minutes before asking for help. Do not have a gift. Pigs! What can I give him?……a gold star??? PLAN.

oops is eleven and I have many works to do.


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