Donating Accessories – Part 2

A few weeks ago I ventured out to the High Street of Midsummer Norton wearing a rather fetching flat cap, kindly donated by Louisa and Vicky, along with £10 for the challenge. Thanks girls!

This was all part of my challenge twist to encourage more people to donate – for £10 or more, I’ll wear an accessory of your choice. Accessory number 1 was easy. Unfortunately, when I said ‘accessory’ I was rather unspecific. My darling boyfriend therefore decided to take the challenge to a whole new level. Bunny ears. Oh yes. At work on Wednesday, I spent the whole day at my desk wearing bunny ears.

Bunny! or Bugs as I am now apparently known......

Bunny! Or Bugs as I am now apparently known......

Not only did this slightly concern other people in the office (every time I saw someone, the look of bemusement was followed by a quick cry of ‘it’s for charity!’ from me 🙂 ), it also got some very odd looks from everyone as I walked round our local Sainsburys. Well – if I’m going to do it properly, I can’t just wear all the silly accessories in the house can I?!

Although I think it made my colleague Katherine’s day – for our whole 2 hour meeting on Wednesday afternoon she couldn’t stop smiling. And occasionally broke out into hysterics. Apparently, if you wear bunny ears and talk enthusiastically, they wobble in a rather hilarious fashion.

So, with 4 weeks left, what other accessories are you going to send my way? Add your tenner to the pile, and I’ll post the results on the blog! It’s easy – just visit and add in the comment what your accessory is…..



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