World Wide Washing

Washing…. it’s a fundamental of life isn’t it?  Six items of clothing  – not a huge amount to play with and we’re hearing your pain at getting on with the laundry on such a regular basis.  So, dredging through the archives we thought we’d post up some inspiring pics of washing from all around the world…

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yes, really all over the world just to cheer you on – everybody’s doing it… starting from the razor wire we have Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, England, the Andes, Nigeria, Varinasi in India, Bulgaria, Honduras, two in Istanbul, Nicaragua and a final one of Turkey in there!

It really shows how much we, as human beings everywhere, rely on an outer shell to show the world, for whatever cultural or personal reasons.  That alone makes it a thoughtful exercise to take part in the Six Items Challenge.  Being more conscious or conscientious about the way we clothe and present ourselves in light of the far-reaching consequences for workers is an even greater step.  Big thanks to all the Sixers taking part in the challenge – you’re doing so well!


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