Hair slide.

Inspired by Lady Gaga’s imminent visit to South Korea and  a plastic bag containing the left side of my previously long  hairstyle,  I constructed the ” My hair” slide. Yes, the hairdresser did cast me  a strange glance when I asked him to put half my shorn head in a plastic bag, but I’m used to strange looks now and I’m sure  people make all manner of things with their own hair in Seoul all the time, espeacially very trendy hairdressers, so am probably flattering myself in thinking he was thinking I was all crazy and radical. He was probably actually thinking “oh yawn, here we go… not another one making a Lady Gaga hair accessory.” And looking at me strangely because I had food on my face, lipstick in my teeth, ketchup in my hair or all of above.

Gangneung in the beautiful, scenic province of Gangwondo ( it’s a bit like Wales) is a bit behind on the human hair accessory front and most of my associates tend to wear luminous North Face puffer jackets and jeans  allowing me to feel like I’m some kind of revolutionary fashionista and not just a mere English conversation teacher. Always good for the ego to be a big fish in a small pond.  Anyway my students think I’m a bit of a witch or an idiot, possibly both, and now poor, due to my limited selection of outfits.  The Korean  teachers just think i’m mad as a brush and ignore me so no-one says anything and I go about my working week in my own freakish bubble of isolation wearing all manner of strange things. God knows what they were thinking the day I wore the Kimchi necklace!

Unfortunately making accessories out of human hair in your bed (because it’s the warmest place in the house) comes with some unforeseeable complications such as super glueing your fingers and chunks of hair to the duvet as well as choking on stray hairs in your sleep.  If called on to, I’m not sure how I would explain this….. “Uhmm… I was making a hair slide out of my hair in my bed, Officer, but unfortunately when I glued the hair to the slide I pressed it down on the duvet and it  got stuck, so I pulled it off and then the slide got stuck to my fingers and then my fingers got stuck to the duvet …. and as you can see there are these big chunks of hair still stuck on the duvet, HA HA HA ”

Right I’m off to get more coffee from the machine and rock back and forth at my desk for an hour.

Oh, nearly forgot. My  outfit  today is black cords and  black long sleeved t-shirt. Found myself in a major rush this morning as have not a single alarm  in entire house. Cell, sorry mobile( I am not from U.S.A) phone is at the Samsung sevice centre being fixed even though yesterday they said “repair is impossible” hmmmmm, cryptic. Anyway  apparently I am to pick up the un-repaired phone later. Maybe they meant possible. So then I tried to locate a battery for my “Epik ” alarm clock, I swear there was a packet somewhere…but to no avail, they seem to have gone to the same lost world where all my memory sticks are. So then I tried to download an alarm from the internet (is this possible? I dont even know) but internet connection didn’t work, maybe because of rain? Then thought about going out to buy batteries from Family Mart but Family Mart is far ( When a 2 minute walk seems like a fair trek you know you are adapting to the culture.)  and was pouring with rain anyway. So eventually settled on the idea that I’d just chance it and hope to wake up. Needless to say, I arrived at school as the first bell rang in a panicked frenzy to find the students waiting for me in the corridor,  locked out the classroom. Why are the students  always bang on time for first period and 15 minutes late for every other? 8am is a very unfair time to start work.


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