Well, it’s always inspiring to hear of independent campaigners who are trying their best to change attitudes, challenge the system status quo and flag up things they feel passionately about.  Recently, we heard from a campaigner, Harley Barron, who has set up a capsule campaign called ‘Consumed.’  You can read the blog here.

Harley says,”Consumed is an anti-consumerism campaign against throw-away fashion, questioning the culture of mass consumption that we have become accustomed to. ”

As part of the campaign a film was made showing a ‘shop drop’ of home-printed tee-shirts carrying an anti-consumer message that were planted in Primark stores across the UK

“The idea behind the shop drop was to point out the fact that consumers may not pay much attention to what it is they are actually buying; they are simply attracted to how cheap and attainable products are. I wanted to try and get people to start questioning their own spending habits, and think about where the products are coming from before they impulsively buy them. This campaign, like the Six Items Challenge, highlights the fact that we have become so used to buying so much and filling our wardrobes with fast throw-away fashion that we don’t value. These campaigns show the importance of the need for change in the fashion world.”

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