Oh bother……

Posh frocks

Yes, this is fellow sixer Angelique making a feature appearance in my blog post. This is us in our posh frocks at our launch party!

My memory is appalling. I can appear to be quite together – but this is only because my Outlook Diary runs my life and without it I would run around like a headless chicken! So when I don’t put appointments in the diary, life soon gets complicated. As it is about to this Saturday. I had completely forgotten, until Ali asked what I was wearing, that I have a WEDDING to go to!! Now that wasn’t factored in to the 6 Items was it?! Oh dear.

After a quick emotional breakdown, there is clearly only 1 option. The dress (item 6) and super accessories. Posh shoes, posh bag, gold jewellery. And make up. Lots of make up! But it’s interesting – I bet no one will notice I’m in the £3 charity dress. When usually I would spend quite a hefty amount on a ‘new dress’ for a wedding. Maybe I don’t need all the items in my wardrobe after all…..

Wedding photos to follow on Sunday!



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