Embrace the bonkers

Yes, you have guessed right, I am indeed wearing a bumble bee coloured jester’s hat, complete with jingling bells.

You see, we had just come from the penultimate performance of Stephen Bush’s (left of photo) play “With something like sympathy” at the Rondo theatre. All were excited and buzzing from the success of the night and also busy discussing the intense, thought provoking content. (Insert shameless plug here- last night tonight – peeps, go and see it- it’s brilliant). What could match the adrenalin as we left the theatre?

If you recognise the flag in the back of the photo you will have guessed what we did next….. that’s right folks, we went to the Star and celebrated St Piran’s Day! Why of course we did!  What else would we do after watching a play about love and death and relationships?! We remembered the patron St of Cornwall. Mighty ales flowed, phenomenal pasties were eaten (mostly by me) and a lot of singing of Cornish songs and arrrr-ing at appropriate times too. Utterly random and hugely fun!

And then, just when I thought the night couldn’t get anymore surreal… there appeared, the bumble bee jester hat. In exchange for a £10 donation to the Six Items Challenge, I agreed to wear the hat for an entire drink. Ladies and gentlemen, you will be pleased to know, I rose to Stephen Bush’s challenge and secured the £10.

It also gave me an idea to raise more money for LBL. In exchange for a £10 (or more!) donation, I will have a drink with you wearing something stupid on my head.

I mean, “random” and “ bonkers” seem to be the buzz words of this month, so let’s not fight it, embrace the bonkers for LBL instead!


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