So far, so good-ish

So it’s been a week now. Not a big deal, apart from the fact that I already want to wear my other clothes… Not that I have to… For most of the time I work from home, so, apart from rare occasions when i facetime with my boss, I can wear my pyjamas all day… But I don’t want to! Even if I work from home I like dress up as if I was going to a real office with real people!
A while ago someone told me that when you come home you’re supposed to change to a different outfit to make a clear distinction between work time and leisure time. It works similar with me: unless I change to ‘work clothes’, which in my case is anything that isn’t pyjamas, I won’t get any work done!
However, it’s not work that’s making me want to expand my wardrobe to 600 items… The truth is that I’ve been watching series 9 of Project Runway and seeing dozens of different outfits in each episodes provides me with ideas for my own outfits for the next 3 years… But hold on! I can’t use any of those ideas yet, because i have only 6 items to play with. Bummer! But agains all odds, I’ll stay strong!

In the last 7 days I have been wearing only 4 items. Mostly jeans and different tops.



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