Seaweed belt and headband

I have made two new accessories in an attempt to catch up with my challenge so now I’m back on track. These pieces were hastily laminated at school and now must be used as part of a lesson because laminating seaweed in the middle of a big teachers office attracted a bit of a crowd. Eeek..”Yes, this is for my lesson on ethical fashion Principle, honest” So next week we will be making accessories in English conversation class! I’m going to tell the girls all about the challenge. They all love fashion and I’d like to teach them about some of the issues regarding Fast Fashion. If anyone has any resources. Please feel free to share them with me.

My outfit for the 6 items challenge is the black dress today. I’ve been good so far and haven’t strayed. Tomorrow is a public holiday and I’ll be wearing snowboarding clothes which gives me the opportunity to wash my 6 items( very handy). My black tshirt is a little stinky  after the weekend in Seoul and two days in the office(I’m only human) . Apparently we have to ride in our underwear at some point too so best make sure I’m wearing my special smalls. There really is no respite from these crazy challenges.


My collegues think I'm off my rocker, or more off my rocker than before perhaps.



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