Slipping up….

I thought I might slip up during this challenge. I gave up chocolate for Lent once, and inadvertently ate a mint chocolate with coffee. D’oh! I’m prone to this sort of forgetfulness. So I’ve been paranoid that I’ll slip up, and put on a t-shirt not in my 6, or grab the wrong sweater as I run out the door.

But the slip I had on Sunday night was not the sort I had been expecting. Mainly because it was a real slip! As I padded downstairs to get a drink, I completely lost my footing and fell slap bang on my backside and down at least 4 stairs. The pain was (and is!) pretty intense. My boyfriend found me looking like a ghost! After some agony, I worked out I was all intact, and after a piece of shortbread and lots of coaxing, Ali managed to get me back to bed. But a trip to A&E was called for. Sensibly we waited until the morning.

There was a degree of hilarity in the length of time it took me to get from lying down to standing up 🙂 Yet one of my main concerns was would I still be able to wear jeans? 2 of my 6 items are trousers & my backside was sore! What if I couldn’t wear them?!

As I hobbled to the bathroom, my trusty dress was waiting to take me to A&E. At least I’d look stylish as the doctors prodded me! And as I opened the bathroom door, Ali gave me a look of surprise & respect that even in my state, I was sticking to the 6.

Blogging in my Pj's, in the only chair I can sit in now! Back into the 6 tomorrow - promise!

Blogging in my Pj's, in the only chair I can sit in now! Back into the 6 tomorrow - promise!

It is true I have spent most of today in my pyjamas. So you might say I’ve made life slightly easier for myself in being somewhat bed bound! But I’m quite proud that I stuck by the 6 items in a crisis. And the reason? Because it’s too important not to! I won’t slip up with this challenge because I am determined to stand in solidarity with garment workers, raising awareness about the injustice and challenges they face. So please – visit Labour Behind the Label’s web page to find out more yourselves, and if you have a spare penny or two, donate!!



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