Do I regret starting this challenge?  NO!

But as I approach the end of the first week, I find myself wondering if I made the right choice of clothes.  Should I have chosen the dress?  Maybe a third top would’ve been better.  Was it wise to choose the black top?  The pink top?

The reasons?  

First snot!  My lovely boy, Jacob, has a cold and with that comes a streaming nose which he insists on wiping on me.  Usually I just accept this and fling my clothes in the wash but today I have tried my best to keep him clean (Ha!) and keep it off me (Ha!).  This morning’s clean pink top is looking rather grubby.  After coming home this evening, I wanted to get it in the machine but my darling husband, Giles, has filled it with his dirty work clothes so no chance of getting it washed tonight.

Secondly, I don’t do many dark washes.  Most of the clothes I wash seem to be light.  This is probably why said black top ends up at the bottom of my laundry basket.

Thirdly, as much as I love my nursing dress, I will probably only wear it on Sundays, which means one of my six will only get worn once a week!!  What was I thinking??!!  I did think it could double up for a nice evening out but Giles has just started lambing, we NEVER go out at this time of year!!  I guess in desparation I could wear it mid-week.  It is practical if a little posh for my day-to-day life!

The only items I seem satisfied with are the two pairs of jeans, which do, after all, go with anything!


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