Kind Seoul

This weekend I took myself to Seoul with the intention of  making new discoveries. Every choice I made had to be a new one. I couldn’t do anything I’d done before. I wanted to take myself out of my comfort zone and experience more of what Korea had to offer.

With this came a few logistical difficulties, mostly on the subway. Apparently it’s idiot proof…..yes, well…lets not explore that thought any further.

So while I’m studying the subway lines that are handily all in similar  tones of grey. (Why not print this map in colour Rough Guide? ) and looking self assured and impressive as usual,  a young man comes  to my assistance and proceeds to guide me all the way to my destination “Eijiro Il ga”(see, told you I was impressive) in person, even purchasing my ticket from the machine on the way. Hey, who needs self reliance? When you are a foreigner in Seoul people are practically queuing up to help you.

Anyway back to the challenge.  As a souvenir of my little adventure I made some nifty Subway Earings from my ticket (see below) and uhmmm  that’s about it.

I was also on a mission to buy some trimmings and interesting accesory making stuff, but Dongdaemen Designer’s market was closed both on Saturday night and all day Sunday so that plan was buggered. I also met with two illustrators and failed to remember to ask them to “Pimp up my Pumas. because I am very forgetful when I have to make sure I’m trying not to expose myself. More on that in the next paragraph.  So in truth I’m a little behind with the whole accessory malarkey.

Clothing wise, I don’t feel entirely inspired to talk about it. My black cords are breaking all over the place and the absence of a button at the top of the fly meant that I had to try and secure them with a couple of rubbish safety pins which broke after about one minute and left me with a permanenly undone fly all weekend due to the lack of any other trousers. Pulling my black T-shirt down over my crotch gave me a little dignity but when that rode up there were a number of “please kill me….jeez I’m really glad I have black pants on”, moments. Over the black T-shirt I wore the grey one and proceeded to freeze as it’s blimin well snowing here again on the Korean peninsular. I thought all the abundance of stripey nautical tops everywhere meant spring had sprung.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Something is definitely out of whack. Off to the slopes tonight, mostly so I don’t have to wear any of my dreary 6 items. Wish I had a  pair of shocking pink snowboarding pants and a furry animal hat, but no…my pants are black and my hat is grey. Fab! Oh goodness. It’s quarter to five and I have to be at the bus terminal at half past. Sorry if there are very many mistakes in this. At my school we focused on style over grammar, punctuation and spelling which is probably the reason I went on to study fashion!


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