At the beginning of any fundraising campaign it’s natural to worry a little that you won’t raise enough to hit your target. And then if you’re me, there is always a mixture of feeling bad asking people for money when you know they are probably skint, and then this is at times mixed with narky “god I’m just asking for a fiver, don’t be a tight arse!” thoughts to people who have a niggly moan at you for fundraising in the first place.

And then there is what happened this time with the six items challenge. I sent an email out to family, friends, colleagues and some favourite clients on day 1, explaining the very valid reasons of why I’m doing this bonkers challenge, and low and behold, in the following days, more and more people donated hugely generous amounts of money. In all my emails I made it clear- if you decide to donate, please don’t donate more than you can afford, even the smallest donation is welcome (“a fiver is amazing!”) etc. and would you believe it the majority of my donors have donated £30 or more. £30 or more! I’m stoked with a tenner, but £30 or more?! People, quite simply, blow me away with their generosity. 

This blog post is a huge thank you to all my donors so far- no matter how much you have donated- I hugely appreciate all your gifts to such a worthy cause and charity. Thank you! 🙂


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