The First Wash

5 items..spinning round

5 items..spinning round

This week I’ve been cold. I worried this would happen – though I planned for it. Layering is my saviour as well, Lexy – though for different reasons! However, layering adds another complexity to the challenge. The need to wash clothes more frequently. So today I took the slightly risky approach of washing 5 items at once. I’m wearing my dress, and I guess I can probably get another day out of it if needs be, but I really hope the other 5 items dry!!

Added to the need to was more is the issue that I don’t like tumble dryers. I think the energy they use is unnecessary. So my aim is that all my clothes will dry naturally, as they usually do. Hopefully I’ll still be saying the same thing in 5 weeks….. fingers crossed for my organisational skills!


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