5 items challenge?

So the weekend started off well, I think I managed to make the same dress look different over 2 outfits (see photos below), however after cooking my mother a birthday dinner whilst wearing a pinny, I still managed to stain my dress! I’m not sure what the stain was, it has reduced slightly as mum scrubbed at it a treat however the stain remains and in an unfortunate place where even a reasonably long scarf wouldn’t disguise it. Callum (my adorable boyfriend) tried to persuade me that you couldn’t even notice it, I’m going to go with that theory, although not sure that dress will be first choice out of the 4 from now on! On the plus side I did make delicious crème brulees! I guess now I will have to be extra creative with my other dresses in order to make new outfits. Wish me luck!


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