I’ve lost my cardi.

Item 4: A simple black dress.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I flew for 18 hours wearing my lovely,  lovely grey cardi to keep warm.  Arrived in Buenos Aires airport to a stuffy passport control room, so I slipped the cardi over my bag. An hour later, having collected luggage, walked through customs and gone to the ladies it was gone. GONE! This is one of 6 items of clothing I have to wear for a 40 days. I tried to explain this in shoddy spanish to the police officer just to try and share the significance of the experience with somebody. He smiled sympathetically, but with a confused look in his eye.

I can’t buy a replacement because in addition to the 6 item challenge, I’m taking the Fair Fashion challenge not to buy or accept  clothes or accessories for 365 days.

However, there is another option. I know what I’m about to say is going to sound like a lie, but it is the truth. (Or does that make it sound even less believable?) I couldn’t decide on item number 6. I have been seriously quite bothered by this. I don’t have ‘the perfect number 6’ to wear in such different climates, so, I bought a couple of options with me to decide between whilst I am here. This means I could replace my cardi with something else (a warm-ish black top-cum-dress for example).

My question then to the 6 Items Challenge Community and sponsors is, Am I allowed to replace the cardi with something else?


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