Item 4: By the chicken shed

Liz Parker

The perfect dress worn with item number 2, the thermal black top and two pairs of tights.

For each new item, I’m asking a different person on the farm where I live to take a photo of me in a location of their choice. Yesterday,  John, aka Dusty the stonemason, got me to pose in front of his new lathe.  Today, Dawne asked me to pose by the chicken shed, though I’m not sure why.

Item 4 is my treasured paisley dress, found in a little charity shop in Holt, North Norfolk. It’s one of those charity shop finds I’m always looking for. Definitely vintage, full of character and wearable. More importantly for me, as I’m going to Argentina in just a couple of days,  is that it is the perfect dress to travel with. Handwashing it doesn’t make your arms ache. It takes only a couple of hours to dry and it doesn’t crease in a suitcase.  I know others might disagree, but it’s also a dress for any occasion. Even collecting the eggs it seems.

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