Lady in black

Well I have chosen my 6 items!! I decided to go for mixture of comfy looking after the kids cloths, and a couple of items I can smarten up.

1) Comfy jeans… great for in the house, childcare and housework!


2) Hoody… also good for the above!


3) Skinny jeans, a bit smarter for wearing out and about


4) Sparkly black jumper, full of little sequins, so can be dressed up with coloured accessories! This is the only new item of clothes I have bought this season!!


5) Black short sleeved tee, for underneath!


6) Black long sleeved tee, for underneath, or on its own!


So… all a bit black!!! I don’t normally wear a lot of black!! But I am hoping it will be flexible for accessorising!

I was struck when choosing that I don’t have that much stuff that I wear regularly that I could choose from… which made me want new clothes!! (not really the point of this exercise!) I don’t shop that often mainly because of having 2 girls to drag around with me, and then I never know what suits me, and clothes always seem so expensive! I have probably unwittingly been quite good in my non-buying habits without even realising it!! I also need to have a good clear out of clothes I haven’t worn for ages! I was also struck that I have no dresses suitable for everyday use! They would have been useful!

Here is a picture of my first day:


(can anyone guide me in how to make my pics the right way up!!?!)

Skinny jeans and long-sleeved back tee, with a black knitted snood. I’ve been in a very hot classroom all day studying for an MA module – so that tee has gone straight in the wash with the nappies while I have my PJs on!!

So far, so good!


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