Day 1 – Week 1 Hello!

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Hey there!

Hello and Assalaam Alaikum to all my friends, family and Labour Behind The Label readers around the world.

A big shout out to Bee at the Labour Behind the Lable offices in Bristol.

How are you, hope you have a wonderful and productive day?

Well, here I am, not sure what to write, but here goes…

I’ve managed to find six articles of clothing I’ll be wearing for the next six weeks. I’ve attached photographs for you to view at your leisure.

I’m here because I feel its very important to highlight and address the issues affecting garment and factory workers around the world. This issue is very close to my heart as it is a key fair trade principle.

For the past 3 and a half years I have been patiently creating awareness for fair trade and campaigning for workers right and wages through my business.

During December 2011 and January 2012 I had the good fortune of visiting a home workers association in Karachi and a wonderful fair trade organisation in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

I met many ladies who are exploited by middle men and who live in a cycle of perpetual poverty.

The profile picture on my sponsor page is of a beautiful lady called Jamila Buwa who lives in Karachi, Pakistan. I met her in December 2011 where she explained how she earns less than three pounds for the hand embroidered top/kurta in the photograph which took her a month to complete. The middle men pay her just 300 rupees less than 3 pounds. She has to plead and negotiate rates and sometimes has to wait months for payments. Astonishing and shameful! Her products are sold to local boutiques in Karachi and international clients who purchase them for hundreds of pounds/dollars.

This campaign coincides with fairtrade fortnight (27th February 27-11 March) in the United Kingdom and I believe it will be an eye opener for many who have no idea where their clothes are produced or who has painstakingly made them.

I’m feeling optmistic today and hope to create awareness for this campaign at work and with friends around the world. I hope I can raise the 250 pounds needed during the challenge.   So please all family and friends support this worthwhile cause and support ME!!!

I would be grateful if you could forward my sponsor page to all your friends and family and ethically conscious individuals. I have attached the link below for you to copy and paste.

Best regards and warm greetings to all the other participants.

Love and hugs to all my friends and family in Manchester and London.

Walaikum Assalaam



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