Zoe prepares to grin and bear it…

Hi Zoe, what made you become part of the challenge?

I was thinking about what to do over lent when an email came about this from Labour Behind the Label. I’ve always been interested in ethical purchasing and try not to buy from the ‘worst’ shops but I thought this was a good way to add some weight to a good cause and find out more myself!

Have you always thought about fashion from an ethical standpoint, or is it something new to you?

Yes, always thought about it, but want to know more and do more!

So, the Challenge kicks off tomorrow – are you ready?

I’m not prepared! As I’ve only just signed up some items I want to use aren’t even clean!!

What do you expect to be the most difficult aspect for you?

The washing! I have two small kids so often end up covered in snot or food! Also I feel the cold so need jumpers but that restricts my other items! I wish it was summer!

What do you think you’ll experience during / after the challenge?

I think I’ll get bored of the same clothes and I’m worried I’ll end up feeling dowdy and scruffy!!

Have you chosen your items yet? If you have, what are they?

Erm, nearly! I’m torn between a comfy hoody and more smart stuff… As a mum I love to dress for comfort, but will I regret it when I can’t get more dressed up?!


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