The Six and only.

Well, it looks like they’re here – my six friends for the next six weeks. Have a look:

My wool self-hand-made cardigan. Here in Lausanne winter is far from saying goodbye, so I may really need it. Today we have 4 °C and tomorrow they announce less.

Number 2. – another cardigan, this time light weight and navy blue – a    basic piece to pair with anything.

 This is what they call “marinière” in French. I customised it by adding buttons when I started breastfeeding (which I still do, so definitely I need clothes that button up). Besides I love stripes in all forms and colours and this tee is also long enough to become a dress, if I dare some day (daring is because the dress would be, hm, quite short:P)

Et voilà, another basic – a white blouse. Goes with everything and always makes you look young and smart;)

  And now the bottoms – the essential skinny jeans. I guess I won’t be the only one to choose this garment à la mode. In fact, I wear them nearly all the time, regardless the challenge.

My denim shorts are the sixth item (in previous life they were a pair of boyfriend jeans). This item can help the transition between the seasons and gives a lot of possibilities to accessorize with tights, stockings or socks.

Ok, so this is it. No much, but I hope fair enough to live those six weeks. And with a little help of:


I’m sure we can do miracles:)

And finally, something you may all find useful and interesting:

Let the fun begin! Good luck!


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