Laura nearly missed out!

What made you become part of the challenge?

Well initially I sort of dismissed it but then the more I thought about it the better the idea became. Last year I gave up Facebook for Lent and it really helped me to have a better attitude to using it so I thought this year might do the same for my attitude to fashion!

Have you always thought about fashion from an ethical standpoint, or is it something new to you?

I suppose I have only really become aware of the extent of the problem within the last year and since then I have been trying to work out how I can help! I’m a Christian so I believe that all people should be treated with justice, respect and equality and I think it’s mad that in 2012 this is how are fashion industy behave and most aren’t really that bothered either!

What other themes are you thinking of in relation to the challenge; sustainability? Thriftiness?  Reducing consumption?  Personal identity?

Probably reducing consumption.

Are you well prepared?

Well I have a couple of things in my wardrobe- that I LOVE but would either be highly impractical to wear all the time or just don’t make the cut- so I will be wearing them before Wednesday!

What are expecting to be the most difficult?

I think being able to have clothes suitable for every occasion with so few choices! And having to iron a pair of chinos- ALL THE TIME!

What do you think you’ll experience during / after the challenge?

I imagine probably boredom of those particular items but also exciting conversations about how and why I am doing this challenge. After I hope to have a better appreciation of what I already have in my wardrobe!

Have you chosen your items yet? If you have, what are they?

I think soooo! I have recently taken up a part time job so I have to factor in professional clothes to go alongside my student-y clothes I wear normally. So I think I settled on a long black top with sparkly shoulders, a blue and white striped top, a pair of beige chinos, a pair of jeans, a grey cardigan and I think the last one will be a purple dress- which I can turn into a top!


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