The great six

So…. I finally managed to choose my new, seriously scaled down wardrobe. I must admit, that it was a bit of a challenge!

My items are:

Item 1 – a pair of jeans. Always a winner! Good for work, going out, and most of all cycling!

Items 2 & 3 – shirts. In the past year I’ve been wearing more t-shirts then shirts. However, if I’m starting to wear t-shirts too often it makes me feel like I’m really lazy. So, to avoid that I’m going for slightly more grown-up tops.
The first shirt was a gift and is made from recycled fabrics. The other one, I bought in a second-hand store in Kraków in Poland approximately 4 years ago. It was 50 pence.

Item 4 – a little black dress.

Item 5 – a beige dress. Probably the fastest purchase i’ve ever made and probably my favourite dress. I bought it to treat myself after a night bike ride in the pitch black and pouring rain from, Lewes to Brighton after Bonfire Night.

Item 6 – another dress with pink and purple floral print. I can’t remember where I bought it. I was trying to pick something that resembles styles fashionable this season (or this week). Apart from that I like that dress.

I reckon that’s 6 individual looks, and that’s not including accessories!

Wish me luck!x



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