Luanna gets on board the Six Items adventure

We asked Luanna to let us know what her inspiration for taking part in the Six Items Challenge had been…

My friend Sarah told me about the challenge as she knew I would be interested as I’m always complaining about how I need to reduce my consumption of clothes. I think it’s a great idea and am really looking forward to the challenge.

Is ethical fashion something you have thought about before, or is it a fairly new idea to you?

I’ve always known that there is a big issue with the way workers are treated, but I’m definitely guilty of not always thinking about it and still shopping for fast fashion. I’m hoping that this challenge will change that!

What other things do your think the challenge will get you thinking about… Sustainability? Thriftiness? Reducing consumption?  Personal identity?

Definitely thriftiness and reducing consumption, but also about being creative with my clothes and making outfits look totally different with a few accessories.

And, are you well prepared; what have you been doing in the lead up?

Trying to decide which items to pick, thinking of all eventualities; I have a few events to go to in the time, a friend’s birthday and a hen do, so I’ve got to work out how to fit them in the items!

When do you think the challenge is going to be the most tricky for you?

I think I’m mostly worried about how much washing I’m going to have to do, and also I’m worried for when the eventual ‘fat day’ arrives as we all have them, I’m hoping I’ll feel okay in what I’ve got!

What do you expect thoughts to be about during and after the challenge?

I think during I will feel creative and excited about how I’m going to make items look different and after I will be more appreciative of where my clothes come from and think more about those that don’t have more than 6 items of clothing to choose from.

Have you chosen what you’re going to wear yet? What’s it going to be…

I thought I had the other day and then I found a rip in one of my dresses and thought well that’s not going to be good enough to sustain the challenge so I need to rethink. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I chose 5 dresses and a cardi as I don’t like wearing trousers or jeans and dresses are a whole outfit and good for all occasions!


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