Cayetanca gets motivated!

Hello Cayetanca…. we’re all itching to find out what got you interested in putting yourself through the Six Items Challenge…?

I took part once in an action by Labour Behind the Label (I guess it was a petition to sign) and one day I received an email inviting me to join the challenge. As at the moment I’m a job-seeker, staying home with my 14 months old girl, I need to do something that doesn’t involve singing lullabies, changing diapers and cooking healthy soups. And if it’s fun and helps to raise awareness of the working conditions of thousands of people around the world – even better.

What’s your take on ethical fashion; is it something you have a long interest in?

Everyone knows more or less how high street shop chains’ clothes are being made (well, everything is made in China or India or elsewhere etc.), but it’s often not enough to realise what it means. I started to see my H&M and Zara clothes differently since I came to live in Switzerland.  As it’s a very rich country, you can see a lot of over consumption everywhere, clothes included.  People buy clothes like they buy daily newspapers, except they’re not always recycled.  And then I found the Declaration de Berne association who works with Clean Clothes Campaign and read some of their publications – that struck me.

Is there anythng else influencing your motivation for the Six Items Challenge?

Definitely reducing consumption, which is something important for me in general. And sustainability which goes together with that. I guess also that it may help demystify fashion in general, which would be a good thing to do, IMHO.

What preparations are you making?

Well, I guess I have to wash my six items well before we start, right?

…and what will be the biggest headache throughout the six weeks?

Washing.  On an everyday basis 😦

And finally, have you actually chosen what you are going to wear?

Almost.  They are just practical basics.  The only problem is that the challenge goes through the season change, so the clothes I choose now may be useless in a couple of weeks.

*Don’t forget you get a winter coat to help cope with the change in the weather – this will allow a bit more scope for your choices! – LBL.


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