Angelique worries about washing…

Hey Angelique, we’re really excited you’re giving up fast fashion for us in the Six Items Challenge! Tell us what was convinced you to take part?

Well, I’d decided to give something up for lent this year, but had no idea what… and then, a couple of weeks ago I found myself having a sneaky after work gin and tonic with Janine (another brave challenger) and she told me all about the Six Items Challenge. And I thought “that sounds like something I’d like to do, too!” I’d known of Janine’s work with Labour Behind the Labour for a while, and I’d always been interested in finding out more. This seemed like a perfect opportunity!

Is this a new way of thinking for you or has ethical fashion long been close to your heart?

Although I’m a big fan of clothes swaps, charity shops and blagging friends’ clothes when they’re bored of them (!) I don’t think this means that my viewpoint of fashion has always been an ethical one.  My understanding of how my purchasing decisions directly affect workers’ rights is generally a bit hazy, and to be honest, an area I’ve been meaning to explore for a while. Just by reading your website over the last few days, I’m learning more about sustainable and ethical ways forward.

What themes are you thinking of in relation to the challenge; Sustainability? Thriftiness?  Reducing consumption? Personal identity?

All of the above!

How do you think your relationship with clothing might change before and after doing the challenge?

I think having a limited choice of clothing is going to get me thinking about accessories in a different way. Accessorising an outfit is often something I forget as I’m rushing out the door, and as accessories may prove to be the only chink of colour in my future outfits, I may think again when getting ready to leave the house! I also know that I really need to get organized with my washing too, maybe get a handwashing system going?!

After the challenge… goodness, who knows? Do a “Joey” from Friends and wear all my clothes at once?! I’ll have to work out a fitting way of celebrating completing the challenge and raising loads of money for LBL!

What do you think will be the biggest hurdle throughout the challenge?


Talking of which, have you chosen your items yet? If you have, what are they?

Nope. I have a lot of suggestions from friends though… at the moment I’m weighing up the practicality vs. prettiness, and suitable work outfits vs. ‘going out’ outfits! I don’t think I’m far off though… I’ll keep you posted!


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