My Challenge Twist: Donate an Accessory!

As the challenge draws nearer, I get more indecisive about what to make my 6 items. I have to be warm. I have to be able to look presentable at important work meetings. But I also want to be able to relax on the weekends. And what about going out? Oh it’s tough!

Yet a friend who loves to play devil’s advocate said to me “It’s not that tough a challenge! You’re not running a marathon. You’ll have to give me more reason that ‘it’s a good cause’ for me to sponsor you.” Hmmm – I’d like to see him try and last with only 6 items.

Still, if you think the challenge needs another twist, then here are 2 which might persuade you to donate to me, or another ‘Sixer’:

1. I am allowed to wear accessories (hooray!). So, if you donate £10 (or more) to the cause I promise (cross my heart) that I will wear whatever accessory you give me for a day during the challenge. You can make it mad; crazy or downright bad taste (I’m asking for trouble I know!), or if you are lovely you can make it a nice accessory that I will remember you and your fabulous donation by when I wear it 🙂 You can donate and tell me what your item is here

2. For a donation of £5, you can choose the colour of my accessories for a day during the challenge (and name the day). As above, it will be a reminder of how fantastic you are by helping support LBL. Donate and choose your colour & day here

If any of you have any other suggestions, or fashion dares, you want Sixers to undertake during the challenge, post them here, let us know how much you’ll donate, and we’ll ‘consider’ them 🙂


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